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His attire all about a spider

When you hear all about a canine or a feline as the pet of choice who knew a spider the size of your hand could bring smiles that stretches for miles. One man in British Columbia not only lives with such a bird Eater but many.

Dogs, cats, birds, Rabbits, not in this Langley home, it's a Bird eating Tarantula the size of a plate that brings a smile to one fellows heart. As a small child Bruce had a fascination with exterminating bugs that destroy certain plants he collected and found an easier way to end an insects life. Why not a web spinning scarlet? Bruce had been collecting Snakes and Reptiles for years and moved into the life of Arachnids, hairy monsters of the bug world.

Meeting Bruce felt like a mix between a Hippy X cyber genius, but all around nice guy.

He assured me his passionate eight legged eight eyed creepy crawly doesn't bite......very often, but As soon as he brought out the Bahia Scarlet Birdeater (Lasiodora klugi) I was scared out of my wits. I have always had the spider fear (arachnophobia) and with all the Pet adventures I have the honor of documenting..... this was by far the scariest. Even as I allowed myself to go beyond my limits I had to hold this venomous creature.

What happened next??? well stay tuned this Pet adventure web episode is on my Channel. Check out my other fun animal videos "My Pet Adventures"

Here is the Full video of a massive pet Tarantula

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