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18 Adventures, 1 day

Jon Manchester - Sep 8, 2015

What Red Bull and New Zealand can do, the Okanagan can do better.

Or so a local adventure company and video crew aim to prove on Thursday.

Ayn Lexi of Okanagan Outdoor Adventures says a crew will be filming an "18 in 1" adventure video around Kelowna in response to Red Bull’s recent New Zealand "5 in 1" video. The numbers refer to the number of adventures that can be done in a single day, transitioning straight from one to another.


The group will start off with a helicopter flight and landing at the paragliding launch site on Blue Grouse Mountain, where a stuntman will do a tandem flight, landing at Okanagan Lake to start into some water sports.


Okanagan Outdoor Adventures partnered with Land Sea Air Canada and cameraman Jason Kenzie, aka The Photo Warrior, to produce the video promoting the many adventures the Okanagan has to offer.

“What prompted this video was when I saw one produced by Red Bull and commissioned by tourism New Zealand. They were showing that you can do their five big adventures all in one day, and I thought we can totally beat that," said Lexi.

"So, we will on Thursday.  In fact, we’re going to crush it! We have arranged for 18 adventures all to be shot on Thursday, with each transitioning from one to another, just like the Red Bull video."

Moving from mountain to lake, the activities will include wake-boarding, jet skiing, sailing, fly boarding, parasailing and a jet boat ride, zip lining, a leap off an 80-foot pole, mountain biking, a Harley, pedicab and a sidecar ride, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and a wine tour.

“It’s going to be an epic day, and it will be a great showcase for some of the adventures we have locally," said Lexi.

The complete video is posted in the link here




The Photo Warrior



Adventurer and Photojournalist Jason Kenzie born and raised on the West Coast of Canada,

journeys around the world meeting people who own the most amazing animals, showcasing the true love and passion people have for their pets.
While on one of his photo adventures he heard that approximately one third of the world’s honey bees are dying. This prompted Jason to take action in his unique way to bring attention to this devastation so he contacted Professor Leonard Foster, UBC, CHiBi to learn more.

In a recent interview Jason had with the Professor, Leonard stated "his lab studies bees in several different aspects. We study how bees respond to diseases and pests and we look for new ways to breed bees". At that point Jason knew what he wanted to do!

Jason felt the best way to ask everyone to "Bee-Aware" was to wear a beard of 4,000 honey bees!


Whats on Poco

Magazine "Whats on Poco" interviews Jason Kenzie and his journey around the world Photographing the most amazing animals. (Page 18)

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