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Adventurer and Photojournalist Jason Kenzie was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, surrounded by the beautiful scenery this area has to offer. His expertise includes special events, animals, and extreme adventures. 


Jason's passion for photography started at a young age and he has had the privilege of photographing around the world in places such as Thailand, Australia, England, the USA, Netherlands, Belgium and many more. 


Forest fires, raging floodwaters spilling banks and icebergs breaking off plunging into the ocean, we are observing a planet that is warming up at a feverish rate. We need a proper understanding of why this is happening and how this is impacting the animals on our one and only planet earth. Upset with recent events Jason has set his sights on a new challenge to produce a documentary as he finds out how climate change is impacting animals in the wild 


For information on his services or to provide funding for his documentary please contact;



Jason Kenzie


Professional Animal Photographer

Jason Kenzie
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Jason Kenzie and Wolf
Speed boat chase.jpg
Jason Kenzie the most beautiful Waterfall
Jason and sasquatch web.jpg
Jason Kenzie and hairy cows
Jason Kenzie pack of wolves
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